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Clean Eating Pancakes

I LOVE breakfast food! It’s no surprise because I have a sweet tooth. However, the cleaner that I eat, the crappier I feel when I eat all of the carb-loaded breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, french toast...They tend to put me in a slump without energy. Not to mention I get hungry so soon after eating them. While I’m never going to give up a special pancake while out at a legit brunch, I am into making this recipe at home. It’s gluten free, has protein, is void off fake sugar and is actually really, really good. Trust me, it’s taken a longgggg time to find the right protein pancake recipe that sang the tune to my song! I am sharing this recipe so that you don’t have to go through all of the disappointments that I did with failed attempts! I top mine with vegan butter or ghee plus organic maple syrup (that I heat up because #diva) typically. It’s also great with berries, unsweetened coconut flakes, name it. These are gluten free and vegetarian but they can also be made vegan by replacing the eggs with flax eggs. You can double this batch to have enough for both weekend days or to feed a hungry guy like the one in my house!


1 ripe banana

2 eggs

1/2 cup egg whites

1/2 t ground cinnamon   

4 t baking powder  

2 scoops protein powder  (I use Orgain or Tone it Up)

1 cup rolled oats

2 T ground flaxseed  

Coconut oil spray  

Toppings and/or inserts of your choice  


Combine all of the ingredients in a blender on medium speed until it is totally mixed. Put a nonstick griddle over medium heat until the entire pan is hot. Spray with coconut oil spray and then pour batter into circles. Include any additions (bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips...) if you desire. When the edges of each pancake looks like its cooked, turn it over. Top with whatever toppings you desire and enjoy! 

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