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Getting Girly For Spring

I LOVE wearing dresses. I'd wear them every day if I could. Especially dresses with loose skirts. Not that I'm ever skating but that girly skirt is so pretty. It's also very conducive for carrying food babies aka it's perfect for going out to dinner. Shout out to the sun for finally coming out and for Spring's true arrival because now I get to wear all of those dresses. I love this little tie front and bow up top. The fabric is also so light and soft. Bring on dress season and all of the skater skirts! 

Cinco De Mayo

I use any holiday as an excuse to get dressed up. I LOVED a good theme party in college. I went way too ham on the themes (favorite was a "P" Party where I dressed up as a member of the Purple Parrots from Legends of the Hidden Temple--anyone remember that show?!). Cinco De Mayo seems like a perfect "grown up" version of a theme party where you can dress up in a fun and festive dress (and preferably look like the dancing emoji in the red dress). Grab your margharita and have a fun night!

Honeymoon Attire

I LOVE white clothes so the second I've got even a hint of a tan, I am decked out in them. After I posted pictures from my vacation to St. Lucia where Jay proposed, I had so many people ask me if I knew I was getting engaged because I wore so much white on the trip. It hadn't even occurred to me because I just think that the perfect things to wear on a tropical vacation are white bathing suits and sundresses. I also just love how feminine and chic white clothing is...especially white lace! Well...those people were right in that it is also the perfect bridal wear. Whether you are headed to explore the streets of a city or lounge on the beach, I've got you covered. I know that the honeymoon costs are high enough already without buying a super expensive honeymoon wardrobe so I included lots of affordable pieces in this list. You've got enough wedding planning tasks on your plate...let me help you shop for the perfect honeymoon wardrobe!

   Honeymoon Attire

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Shopbop Sale!

I don't want to talk trash on Shopbop while they're having such a big sale but WHOA is it hard to sort through the HUNDREDS of pages of inventory that they carry. You can't filter by price on their web browser, which is my all time favorite move so that makes it extra tricky. They have so many good pieces though so I took the liberty of sorting through thousands of items to compile the ultimate list of items. Best part, all of these items are less than $150 before you apply the promo code for either 20% or 25% off. Use the promo code EVENT17 to get 20% off your order of under $500 and 25% off your order of $500 or more. A lot of the pieces that I linked are also already on sale before this promo aka win mother f-ing win! Hover over any item to see the price. Happy sale shopping my loves!

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Spring Party Dresses

Spring is finally here! How sick are you of your winter clothes? If I never see another black sweater in my life I'd be fine with it. Bring on the cheerful dresses! With the nice weather comes lots of parties. I don't know about you guys but between all of the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and holidays coming up, I need some new dresses. Well "need" is a strong word but sometimes dramatics are necessary. That and these dresses are just that...NECESSARY! My niece judges a dress based on how well you can twirl in it and I think that a lot of these would pass the test. I took this dress for a test drive and it didn't disappoint. I loved the floral look and sheer fabric so much that I ordered a couple more of these below. Get your dresses ready's time to party! 

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Resort Wear Accessories

Are you going on a vacation somewhere warm? I am bleeding jealousy if you are! "Spring Break" time is right around the corner so you will be packing up your suitcase(s) before you know it. You deserve some chic accessories to pack in your bags. Look no further for the perfect resort wear accessories! They're fun, vibrant and the perfect pieces to take whatever beach town you are visiting...

Beach Bags


Clutches & Hand Bags


A Monochromatic Look

I am a big fan of all things CLEAN--clean style, clean house, clean scents, clean sheets (my favorite of all), clean body, and SEMI-clean eating. Even the perfume that I wear is called "Clean!"  Most notably, my eye is drawn to clean aesthetics. I have a simple style but that style has a little twist. I wouldn't say that my style is overly minimalistic because I also like to have some fun and push boundaries here and there. Needless to say, the monochromatic look is perfect for my aesthetic. It is visually clean and neat but adds some edge to an outfit. Try out my look above with these linked products or shop some of the other monochromatic looks that I put together below! 

As Smooth As Velvet

Velvet is where cozy and fashion collide so I'm sure that you can guess how I feel about it. Velvet feels so rich even though this dress only costs $34. That's right, THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS! It makes you feel like royalty for a price that you can swing on any budget. ASOS says that this Boohoo Cami Maxi Dress is gray but it also looks blue and purple in certain lights. With ASOS's free returns policy, you've got nothing to lose. 

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Wild Wild...East?!

While there may not be any cowboys in my little slice of the world (unfortunately), there are still plenty of opportunities to incorporate western fashion into our wardrobes. Western buckle belts are a fun addition to pant, skirt, and dress outfits. The fact that this dress is $30 doesn't hurt either!

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Here are some other buckle belts to check out. They are all under $40.

Topshop Buckle Belt

Urban Outfitters Single Buckle

BP Gold or Silver Buckle Belts

On The Fringe Of Freedom

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact that fringe is in style. You can find fringe everything everywhere. My inner child is rejoicing at this news! Clearly, I have way too much fun while wearing anything with fringe. Any skirt that gives me a good reason to twirl is going right off the rack and into my closet. Just make sure not to tell my surgeon since, as you can see from the final picture/outtake, I was still on crutches. It’s not my fault that my new skirt needed to be taken out for a test drive, right?! After all, I was on the fringe of freedom from those crutches so I deserved a small taste of what it would feel like. Spoiler alert: it feels FANTASTIC!

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