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A Monochromatic Look

I am a big fan of all things CLEAN--clean style, clean house, clean scents, clean sheets (my favorite of all), clean body, and SEMI-clean eating. Even the perfume that I wear is called "Clean!"  Most notably, my eye is drawn to clean aesthetics. I have a simple style but that style has a little twist. I wouldn't say that my style is overly minimalistic because I also like to have some fun and push boundaries here and there. Needless to say, the monochromatic look is perfect for my aesthetic. It is visually clean and neat but adds some edge to an outfit. Try out my look above with these linked products or shop some of the other monochromatic looks that I put together below! 

As Smooth As Velvet

Velvet is where cozy and fashion collide so I'm sure that you can guess how I feel about it. Velvet feels so rich even though this dress only costs $34. That's right, THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS! It makes you feel like royalty for a price that you can swing on any budget. ASOS says that this Boohoo Cami Maxi Dress is gray but it also looks blue and purple in certain lights. With ASOS's free returns policy, you've got nothing to lose. 

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Wild Wild...East?!

While there may not be any cowboys in my little slice of the world (unfortunately), there are still plenty of opportunities to incorporate western fashion into our wardrobes. Western buckle belts are a fun addition to pant, skirt, and dress outfits. The fact that this dress is $30 doesn't hurt either!

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Here are some other buckle belts to check out. They are all under $40.

Topshop Buckle Belt

Urban Outfitters Single Buckle

BP Gold or Silver Buckle Belts

On The Fringe Of Freedom

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact that fringe is in style. You can find fringe everything everywhere. My inner child is rejoicing at this news! Clearly, I have way too much fun while wearing anything with fringe. Any skirt that gives me a good reason to twirl is going right off the rack and into my closet. Just make sure not to tell my surgeon since, as you can see from the final picture/outtake, I was still on crutches. It’s not my fault that my new skirt needed to be taken out for a test drive, right?! After all, I was on the fringe of freedom from those crutches so I deserved a small taste of what it would feel like. Spoiler alert: it feels FANTASTIC!

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