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A Monochromatic Look

I am a big fan of all things CLEAN--clean style, clean house, clean scents, clean sheets (my favorite of all), clean body, and SEMI-clean eating. Even the perfume that I wear is called "Clean!"  Most notably, my eye is drawn to clean aesthetics. I have a simple style but that style has a little twist. I wouldn't say that my style is overly minimalistic because I also like to have some fun and push boundaries here and there. Needless to say, the monochromatic look is perfect for my aesthetic. It is visually clean and neat but adds some edge to an outfit. Try out my look above with these linked products or shop some of the other monochromatic looks that I put together below! 

As Smooth As Velvet

Velvet is where cozy and fashion collide so I'm sure that you can guess how I feel about it. Velvet feels so rich even though this dress only costs $34. That's right, THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS! It makes you feel like royalty for a price that you can swing on any budget. ASOS says that this Boohoo Cami Maxi Dress is gray but it also looks blue and purple in certain lights. With ASOS's free returns policy, you've got nothing to lose. 

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Dress   /   Shoes



A Christmas Tree You Won't Forget

    A Christmas tree makes any room COZY! What if you could make your tree serve as a decorative statement piece as well? Here are some tips on how to buy and place some killer ornaments on your tree.

First things first, establish what you want the style of your tree to be. Do you want it to be colorful? Do you want it to be girly with lots of pinks and whites? Are you interested in a more traditional look? Whatever your heart desires, make it happen. Big shocker, but I wanted a tree with only neutral colors. My ornaments are all shades of white, tan, silver, and gold. The first year, I wanted it to be a combination of rustic and glam styles. Since then, I have transitioned it into more of a bohemian route by toning down the sparkles and getting more wooden and felt ornaments. We have a lot of feathers, peace signs and other cool things like that.

    Next, decide how you are going to make your tree feel personalized. I love elephants so I have collected a few elephant ornaments. Our first year that we lived together, Jay gave me a white elephant ornament from Jonathan Adler and it is by far my favorite one. I feel like I need to put a little ornament trampoline under it so that it never breaks. We also wanted to have some “memory” ornaments but are not attracted to the classic “Our First Christmas” ones that are in the stores. Instead, we bought wooden gift tags from The Container Store. We wrote a superlative for each year on the back of the slice of wood and will continue to do so in years to come. This year was “2016: The Year of the Engagement.” We also have a cork map that we put pushpins in each time that we visit a new state in the U.S.

    Now that you’ve established the vibe that you are going for, it is time to purchase your ornaments. I have a rotation of stores that I check out when I am looking for new ornaments. I recommend looking at Nordstrom, H&M, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Restoration Hardware Baby and Child (sounds weird since I don’t have kids but they have surprisingly classy choices for a better price), Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Homegoods and Urban Outfitters.

    Now that it is time to decorate your tree with the ornaments that you selected, you need to pour yourself a drink and set out some snacks. It is completely necessary to play Christmas music as you decorate your tree. As tedious as some of the decorating can be (i.e. stringing the lights), the process should be fun! Next, you should separate your ornaments into themes. I make piles for Sparkly, Rustic/Woodland, Badass/Modern, and Bohemian ornaments. This makes it easier to space out your ornaments so that the whole tree blends well. I rotate which pile I grab from while decorating each area of the tree.

    Once you are done decorating, you get to lovingly stare at your beloved tree. It is so rewarding to watch your vision come to life. Enjoy your masterpiece!

Links to Featured Products:

Tree skirt

Similar Garland (Mine is seasonal from West Elm)


Vined R ornament



These ornaments are seasonal and therefore cannot be linked but here is where they are from:


Felt oyster

White feathers in glass

Hanging acorns

Gold ice skates

Clear/iridescent glass ball


White feather with silver tip

Beaded peace sign

Sparkly antler

Ball with rose gold bottom and leather tie


Gold mustache

Cork United States Map

Gold "R"

H & M:

Silver metal geo diamond

Silver metal geo star

Grey/white marble ball

Jonathan Adler:

White ceramic elephant

Pier 1:

Grey mitten


Wooden snowflakes

Restoration Hardware:

Ivory felt elephant

Clear glass ball with gold ball inside

West Elm:

Gray elephant

Washington General Store (local to Hoboken, NJ)

Grey sparkle feather

Large burlap star

Wooden sleigh

White leather star

Gold antler

How To Live (Local to LBI, NJ)

White chandelier

"Peace" oval

The Container Store:

Wooden "Merry Christmas" gift tags that we made into "memory ornaments"

Wild Wild...East?!

While there may not be any cowboys in my little slice of the world (unfortunately), there are still plenty of opportunities to incorporate western fashion into our wardrobes. Western buckle belts are a fun addition to pant, skirt, and dress outfits. The fact that this dress is $30 doesn't hurt either!

Links to Featured Products:




Here are some other buckle belts to check out. They are all under $40.

Topshop Buckle Belt

Urban Outfitters Single Buckle

BP Gold or Silver Buckle Belts

On The Fringe Of Freedom

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact that fringe is in style. You can find fringe everything everywhere. My inner child is rejoicing at this news! Clearly, I have way too much fun while wearing anything with fringe. Any skirt that gives me a good reason to twirl is going right off the rack and into my closet. Just make sure not to tell my surgeon since, as you can see from the final picture/outtake, I was still on crutches. It’s not my fault that my new skirt needed to be taken out for a test drive, right?! After all, I was on the fringe of freedom from those crutches so I deserved a small taste of what it would feel like. Spoiler alert: it feels FANTASTIC!

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