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Gift Guide For The Every Guy

I LOVE shopping for men! I know that its not the norm and that men are actually difficult for women to shop for (they're a different species after all), but I have always loved shopping for guys. I love "styling" my husband but more so than that, I love introducing him to a new product that totally changes the game and getting all of the credit for the discovery (whoops, can't help it)! I thought that for this gift guide, I would round up all of my "slam dunks" over the past few years that any and every guy would like. These are all tried and true and male approved! You can click on an icon in the photo above to shop it. I also linked different versions of it and/or other retailers that sell it. 

Game Changing Underwear!

I know that it seems lame to get underwear and pajama pants for gifts but these are far from lame! They are SO SOFT! They are nice and thin and breathable and they feel like butter. Jay refuses to wear any others now. They have a really flat and silky waistband that makes it feel seamless. Apparently, it feels like you're not wearing any underwear but still have all of the support that you need. I was out of PJ shorts recently and wore a pair of his underwear and wowwwwww. Honestly, it was kind of a mistake because now I only want to wear that but I'm trying to keep one semblance of pretending like I care about what I look like in my "loungewear." I can now confidently say that they are worth the money and more. 

The SOFTEST PJ Pants Of All Time

These PJ pants are made of the same material and have the same waistband as the briefs above.

NFL Beer Mug

If the man that you're shopping for likes football and beer, he will love this gift! It's a classy way to incorporate sports memorabilia into your home too. The etching is really nicely done and the mugs are such great quality. The monogramming is also a really nice touch. I got this for Jay years ago and took it too far and wrote "King Jay" for the he needed any more of an ego boost!!! Jay keeps this in the freezer a lot for a perfectly chilled beer.  

A Classy Monogrammed Watch Box 

It's such an awesome gift for a man that he really wouldn't buy himself. The quality of this box is so nice! The monogrammed touch really helps too. It's perfect to put on his dresser or on a shelf in his closet. It's nice to display your watches and have a "home" for them so that they are taken care of.

Leather Gloves-Such A Classic

Like I said...such a classic. Really can't go wrong.

The Most Luxurious Shaving Products

These products really elevate the whole shaving experience to feel like you're at a spa. Most importantly though, they are gentle on your skin and actually nourish it instead of harming it. Bonus that each guy feels like Don Draper using it. I love the blue scent the most, personally!

Google Home Is a Game Changer For His Home

It will become the guy's new bestie! What doesn't it do is the question?! 

This Water Bottle Keeps Things Cold For Years

I can confidently say that everyone needs a S'well water bottle whether you're a man, woman or child!

The Classiest Sneakers

Jay gets SO many compliments on his brown leather sneakers. They are so versatile because they are a dressed up casual shoe so they work for a lot of occasions. 

The "Non Stuffy" Tie Clip

The brushed metal gives them an edgier feel without veering away from the classic look. 

Valentine's Gifts For Your Honey

Our guys deserve a little extra love on Valentine's Day too. These small gifts aren't themed for Valentine's Day because not enough guys want to be decked out in hearts. They are amazing gifts nonetheless! My fiance has called some of these items "life changing." He even claims that the underwear is made by angels. Soo, saying that your guy will love these gifts is a vast understatement!