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Pasta Making Class at Hudson Table

My husband and I recently went to a pasta making class at Hudson Table. We had the best time and let's just say that our stomachs were more than happy! If you live locally to Hoboken and are looking for a fun date night idea, I definitely recommend checking out Hudson Table! It would also be a cool thing to do for a girl's night to mix it up. We actually went during the day on a Sunday so it was more of a date day and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. I feel like once the colder weather hits, I struggle to find fun activities to do on the weekends besides going to a restaurant. I want my weekend activities to be chill but fun and I think that this cooking class was the perfect balance of those two things. Most importantly, I want to make sure that I take time to do things that are out of the ordinary. I think that when we do that, we take moments and make them into memories. I am so grateful that I created another fun memory with my husband!


We signed up for the homemade pasta making class because its something that I wouldn't cook on my own at home. Also, who doesn't love pasta?! You can bring your own wine to the class and drink it as you cook and obviously while you eat. They also had a meat and cheese platter to snack on while you cooked, which is such a nice touch. They start the class with some demonstrations from the chef. She was really knowledgeable and very technique oriented, which was educational. Then, everyone breaks into teams of four. When we got to the class we ran into a friend and her boyfriend so we ended up teaming up with them, which was fun! 


Within the teams, you kind of break up into pairs to complete tasks so I still felt like I got to do some stuff alone with Jay, which was nice. We were definitely the slower moving duo though (whoops haha). Each team makes all of the items but they do things to make it easier/quicker for you. The chefs measure out all of your ingredients for you in advance and they made the chocolate filling for our dessert to save time. We made fresh egg pasta that we then topped with roasted red pepper alfredo sauce, lamb and mint cannelloni, pan seared gnocchi with brown butter and safe (my favorite), and chocolate ravioli with vanilla mascarpone (whattttttt) for dessert. It was all delicious!!!! 


While you're cooking, the main chef and her assistants walk around and check on you and give you guidance, which is awesome. Once all of the food is finished, you sit at a big table with everyone else and enjoy the fruits of your labor! They email you the recipes for all of the items that you made so that you can keep the recipes and make them again in the future, which I thought was such a nice touch. 


I can't WAIT to go back to Hudson Table. I want to try out some of their brunch classes and a vegetarian class! They also do demonstrations, which was like chef's table tastings with multiple courses, which I think would be SO fun to do. They also have two spaces so they host private events, which is such a genius idea! I think that the chef's table option and the cooking classes in general make for great gifts! I particularly love the idea of gifting this to a bride for her bridal shower along with kitchen appliances/utensils. For example, a baking course would pair perfectly with a Kitchenaid Mixer as a gift! You can find the schedule of classes here. Now I just need to schedule my next class!!!