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Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

Can you believe that it’s already the time of year to order your holiday cards? I made mine on Basic Invite this year and thought that the process was really seamless. I feel like whenever you try to create something with photos and text, it becomes a disaster but I found the process to be really easy. I also liked that they had plenty of ‘alternative’ options besides the traditional red and gold choices. I like to choose cards that are still ‘on brand’ with my style and I appreciated that I was able to do that. We’re not an ultra traditional couple so I was glad that we were able to create a card that didn’t feel super classic or traditional. They have almost an unlimited variety of color options, so that was super helpful! We are a mixed religion household so keeping it ‘neutral’ is important to us. That being said, Basic Invite has plenty of traditional options as well. They also have cards with beautiful foil details, which I LOVE. They also have cool and retro holiday cards as well as awesome holiday party invitations! Check out the best Christmas cards!

In the interest of keeping it real, I had a hard time when I saw my cards. I created our holiday cards the week before my dad died and when I came back to my apartment for the first time following his death, I had these waiting in the mail for me. It felt absurd to read the words ‘Joyful’ splashed across the top of my cards. It is the opposite of how I have been feeling ever since and I have felt weird about sending them out to friends and family with all that’s been going on. However, I decided to try and look at them as a reminder to choose joy whenever and wherever we can. There are so many reasons to let Joy escape our lives but we can’t let it fully do that. Even while living under the crazy weight of this grief, I know that I still need to find reasons to smile and laugh, even if they are just a tiny drop in the bucket of tears. I know that this holiday season will be extremely hard. I know that there will be a million reasons why I find it to be extremely painful. I also know that I need to open my eyes as wide as I can so that I can seek out any bits of joy that may be scattered around in the midst of the sorrow. When I can’t find it, I know that I will need to create it…even if its just in subtle ways like having a cozy night by the tree with my husband watching a movie. So, this card that I created may not currently speak my truth since I am not ‘Joyful’ but I will hang it up with the reminder to create any tiny shreds of joy that I can and I hope that you will find plenty of reasons to be joyful during the holiday season.

If you are looking to create awesome holiday cards or holiday party invitations, make sure to check out Basic Invite. You won’t be disappointed with the selection! They even offer an address capturing service to make the whole process easier on you. They are running a ton of promotions this holiday season so make sure to check the website for their current promotion. At this moment, they are offering 15% off everything with the code 15FF51. Happy Holidays, friends!



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Women Do It Better

We go out and fight for what we love...for what we deserve.

We've got unmatched intuition.

We create tribes full of girlfriends, our lifelines.

We give more than we get.

We are resilient as hell. WE ARE RESILIENT AS HELL.

We might have babies and if we do, we move mountains for them. We could make multitasking an Olympic sport.

We set sail on our dreams and chase them down full speed. We create our own worth.

We've got the dreams, visions and so many 'big pictures'.

We are women and we are stronger than we even know.


Showing Up

This woman, my beautiful mother, showed up at my front door today. She knows that I've been having a little bit of a tough time physically and when you have a hard time physically...well you tend to have a hard time emotionally and mentally. And so, she just showed up. The thing is that she always shows up. She's on this ride with me. Like really, truly, totally committed to being on this ride with me. No matter how bumpy it gets, she locks herself right in. We all have bad days, tough weeks and trying seasons of life but there are angels among us. Ever since my angel of a mother walked out that same door that she showed up at today, it's all I can far showing up for someone can really go. Showing up is 99 percent of it and the foot rubs + snacks are just the other *amazing* 1 percent. I truly am not writing this about me (whose totally fine and been through a bajillion times worse) but about all of us and the influence that we have over one another. So go 'show up' for somebody today (in person, on the phone, via text, through a thoughtful gesture...) because you can be that little angel on someone's 'doorstep' like my mother was today. @rachelellentuck_photography you are an inspiration, an endless gift and my forever angel.