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Gift Guide-For Your Mom/MIL

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Today’s gift guide is for your mom or mother in law! However, I either own or want all of these items so I think its fair to say that they work for women of all ages. If you’re looking to drop a hint to someone in your life, just copy and paste the URL to this blog post and send it over to someone’s mailbox. Everyone needs a Mrs. Claus!

  1. Cardigan: The softest cardigan OF ALL TIME! It feels like a cloud and is so cozy and warm. It comes in multiple colors. It’s one of those things that you never want to take off.

  2. Slip on Sneakers: These are great for anyone who travels or is out and about. Its great to have a pair of sneakers that you can still dress up and look cute in. My mom and I both have a pair like this and get so much use out of them. These are nice quality and come in multiple colors.

  3. Instant Pot: This is a crockpot on steroids. It does the same type of cooking but at a way faster speed!

  4. Necklace: This is actually the last gift that my dad gave my mom (for her birthday) before his passing and I think that it’s a special one. Its rare to find a monogram necklace with diamonds on it. It’s so delicate and feminine!

  5. Curling Iron Trio: This is such an awesome curling iron set! You can adjust the wands to get different types of curls.

  6. Luggage: Who doesn’t want super nice quality luggage? I love how these are monogramed and so classy looking. They come in multiple colors. If they get scuffs on them, they clean up easily with a magic eraser. This is how you travel in style!

  7. Diffuser: This pretty diffuser is the perfect accessory to get someone into essential oils!

  8. Pillowcase: This silk pillowcase is a game changer! Besides the fact that it feels nice on your face, it has so many amazing properties. It doesn’t absorb the moisturizer/face oil from your face when you lay down on it like a regular pillow case does. That’s great because it protects the investment of our skin product! Also, it is better for your skin and wrinkle prevention. It has benefits for your hair too, including keeping your styled hair in place more so than a regular pillow case. It also helps keep your hair soft and shiny. Just make sure to follow the care instructions for washing because I learned my lesson the hard way with mine.

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Gift Guide-For Your Dad/FIL

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Today’s gift guide is for your dad and father in law. For the record though, my 29 year old husband owns and loves a bunch of these items so I think that they are applicable for men in general. I included a few of my dad’s favorite things in this guide. If you’re dropping a hint for someone in your life, please send them the direct URL for this post or copy and paste one of the words next to the number below.

  1. Sneakers: My dad was sending us texts in our group chat multiple times about how fan-fu*****-tastic these sneakers are right before his passing. We even buried him in them because he was so passionate and excited about them. My husband has them and says that they are not designed for exercise but are good for everyday wear. They are really breathable so your foot doesn’t get sweaty.

  2. Pillow: This is such a great pillow. Its really the pillow for everyone because it has an inner layer that you can remove if you want it to be thinner. It was designed with a lot of special technology to make it conform to your head and neck in the best way.

  3. Speaker: This device is so awesome! We have one and love it. I really like how this one has the brass/brown details at the bottom. I think that it gives it a cool and masculine edge. In addition to using it for music, its great for setting timers, asking about the weather, asking facts, setting reminders, and so much more.

  4. Steam Grill Cleaner: This gift is awesome for the grill master. It is a grill cleaning brush that involves steam to get it extra clean! I couldn’t have a dad gift guide without a grill item!

  5. Cooler: This cooler bag is the best there is. It’s perfect for bringing some beer to the beach or a tailgate. It can also be used to transport food I guess haha.

  6. DNA Kit: 23 & Me is such an awesome gift for a parent. It’s so interesting to find out all of the results. We got it for my dad last year for Chanukah and found out some really interesting facts about his, and therefore my, heritage. It’s fun for them to get and share the results with everyone as well. It’s all so easy to do. Plus, if you’re giving it to a birth parent, then you will also learn things about your own DNA.

  7. Cologne: This is the greatest cologne. Its actually unisex and designed with special science to smell good on and adapt to everyone. It’s worth the price tag.

  8. PJ Pants: These are the softest and most incredible feeling PJ pants in the world. Both my dad and husband have had and loved them for years. They are thin and lightweight so they aren’t like other pajama pants that people who get hot while they sleep hate. They feel like butter!

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Gift Guide-For Him

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This year I enlisted the help of Mr. Cozy (aka my husband aka Jay) for the Men’s Gift Guide. It was fun to work on it together and I am hoping to loop him into more posts on here soon ;) Like with the other gift guides, we kept the list small but powerful. We made sure that every item is a knock out of the park! I included descriptions as well as some of Jay’s insight in the descriptions below. Guys, if you are looking to drop a hint to someone in your life, just copy and paste the URL to this post and email it over to someone! If you send a link from the post, please copy the URL with the description below so that the gift giver purchases directly from my special link that gives me ‘credit.’ Happy gift giving!

  1. Sunglasses: Jay says that sunglasses are always a good gift because you wear them so much each year that you end up getting sick of them. Plus, in the summer he is committed to wearing sunglasses that match the vibe of his bathing suit, which I would hate on if I didn’t secretly appreciate and love it so much ;) These are SUCH a good price for polarized sunglasses. They are classic but still cool.

  2. Casper Mattress: Jay actually works for Casper in logistics and we both are gigantic fans of the mattress. Seriously, it changed my life and I struggle a lot sleeping anywhere without it. Its perfect in every way and such a steal for the price. I thought that it wasn’t going to be a good match for all of my specific requirements with my back injury and yet it somehow is. Jay thought of this for the gift guide because the gift of restful sleep is honestly the best. Its perfect for the holidays because it arrives in a box so you can actually wrap it and put it under the tree and no one would suspect that its a mattress (its crazy that it fits in such a small box)! If you’re giving this gift to someone who you share a bed with then it will also be a gift for you!

  3. Catchall: Jay’s catchall is great for his own organization and for our marriage because his wallet and other ‘loose’ items from his pocket go in one organized spot instead of on our counter. We both hate clutter and like when things have a ‘home.’ This one is so nice because its monogramed and manly. I got Jay one a couple of years ago for the holidays and he still says it was such a great gift.

  4. Fitness & Sleep Tracker Ring: I didn’t even know about this until Jay suggested it for the gift guide. It’s the same concept as the fitness and sleep tracking bracelets but is a ring. I think that it looks much cooler than the bracelets! Its not even obvious at all that its a tech ring. It syncs with your phone and comes in multiple colors.

  5. Jacket: This faux shearling lined jacket is the perfect amount of edgy and ‘normal.’ Plus, it was created by Justin Timberlake and who doesn’t want to be rocking something that makes you as cool as him?

  6. Backpack: This is my personal favorite gift on the gift guide. I have the women’s version and it changed my life. Its SO lightweight, has great compartments and pockets, is easy to wipe off/clean, and best of all has a slip on the back of it so that it slides on the handles of a suitcase. Its seriously the best feature for traveling. I just throw mine on the handles of my rolling carryon and it stays so securely on the handles. Instead of Jay having to carry a backpack and push his rolling carry on (in addition to mine), he could just slip this on the handles and have it all in one. Its amazing for everyday use and in replacement of a briefcase as well! Its pricey but worth every penny.

  7. Bar tools: Every man needs a good set of bar tools. Jay takes great pride in his bar equipment. I hooked him up with all of his tools for a birthday gift one year and it was definitely one of the best gifts I ever got him.

  8. Boots: Who doesn’t like getting a fresh pair of boots for the holidays? Jay loves Chelsea boots because they instantly dress up any outfit but are still casual. These just scream ‘handsome.’

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Gift Guide-Carly's Wishlist 2018

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Last year, by the time that I actually got my gifts, many of them were sold out and I couldn’t share them. This year, I thought that I’d be ahead of the game by sharing my wishlist as my first gift guide of the season. Granted, some of these items are purely fantasies and I won’t actually be getting them but its still fun to dream! If you’re looking for some gift ideas for yourself then jot a few of these down or send the link for your post directly to someone’s inbox as a hint! If you’re shopping for a woman, then definitely keep these options in mind! As always, I really appreciate if you purchase via the links (copied directly from right below here) that I provide and checkout within a few minutes of adding them to your cart so that I can get ‘credit.’ Thanks so much!

  1. Gucci Bag: I mean, isn’t it a beaut?! Its perfect for this time of year. So elegant while still being casual.

  2. Sneakers: Every year I ask for a new pair of sneakers because I desperately need a refresh each year. I LIVE in my sneakers and wear them These make you feel like you are walking on clouds. They are so great for your joints and are so lightweight. I think they are worth every penny and as a bonus win, they’re currently on sale. Sometimes I have to size up in sneakers but these run true to size for me.

  3. Faux Leather Coat: I have seen this coat so many times and wanted it and then watched it sell out. I’m not going to kick myself for not asking for it any longer so I’m putting it on my wishlist this year. It has a detachable hoodie! Plus, the price is great.

  4. OTK boots: This brand is so great for anyone with foot, knee, back or other injuries. It’s also just awesome for anyone who is looking for comfortable shoes and really, who isn’t?! I have OTK boots with little heels that look cute but really aren’t comfortable or good for endurance. I’ve been needing a pair of flat, more comfortable OTK boots for years now but haven’t wanted to pull the trigger on the price tag. However, this brand make the price tag worth it because they are quality so this year I’m asking for them as a gift.

  5. Air Fryer Toaster: I’ve been wanting an air fryer and so many people have been telling me how much I need one. I eat cooked vegetables 9 times out of 10 when I’m eating veggies and I’ve heard that the air fryer makes it so easy and quick to make them. However, I’m pretty sure my husband would leave me if I buy another kitchen tool with no plan of where to put it in our kitchen. I can’t stand to have one more appliance on the counters and our cabinets are full to the brim. This option is the perfect solution because its a toaster oven and air fryer in one! We would be able to get rid of our current toaster oven and replace it with this option.

  6. Jacket : I’ve been eying this parka for years now. I thought that the regular sizing (even the 00) ran big when I tried it on but by the time I went to ask for it last year, the Petite sizes were sold out. This year, I think that I’m going to ask for a Petite in the grey. I heard that its really warm and it looks nicer than most of my other coats.

  7. Blowdryer: I got this blowdryer for my mom last year and have used it and LOVE it. She then got it for my sister because she loved it so much as well. Now, I’m left out and really wanting one. Its lightweight, does such a good job, makes your hair so smooth and works quickly.

  8. Boots with Fur Detail: My single best purchase of last winter were these boots in tan. So much so that I’m asking for them in this darker brown color, which I think is a little dressier. They are so comfortable, have great traction, are perfect for snowy conditions, and are warm without being overly hot to wear. I seriously couldn’t rave about them more. They run true to size.

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Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away so it's time to prepare and get the gifts ready! I know that there is no object that I can buy that can repay my mom for all that she has done and continues to do for me but the gesture is always appreciated. She's the first person to give everything and ask for nothing and holidays like this are the perfect times to get her something nice. I also always value a good hand written note in a card, so I linked some of my favorites at the bottom of this post as well. I separated out the items into 2 sections: items under $100 and items over $100. 

In celebration of Mother's Day, here are 3 of my (many) favorite things about my mom...

She is infinitely selfless. If I compliment her on a necklace she will literally take it off and hand it to me. She puts all of us before herself without even blinking an eye. I say that she is selfless to a fault but it's such an admirable quality.

She is the definition of maternal warmth. She just has a kind heart and loads of affection. She always makes me feel safe, supported and loved. Every stranger in the grocery store line ends up telling her their life story because she just radiates loving energy. 

She is a 'forever student,' who is constantly growing and learning new things. She follows her heart and is a jack of many trades. In fact, she was a Social Worker for years, an interior designer and is now a talented photographer and the woman behind most of the images that I'm in. Check out some of her work here

Gifts Under $100

Gifts over $100


Valentine's Gift Guide For Her

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so it's time to saddle up and get prepared! Whether you're looking for a gift for your wife, Mom, girlfriend or bestie, I’ve got you covered. Also, I think we should each pick something up for ourselves! Aren’t we always taught that self love is the most important blah blah blah. A little Valentine’s treat should be a part of that! I included lots of affordable items so don't worry! There are also some nicer things for someone special. Click on an image below to shop.

Gift Guide For The Cozy Girl

If you're shopping for someone who appreciates being cozy at home then you've come to the right place. A gift guide curated by the Cozy Curator for cozy girls?!?! What whattttt! All of these items are PERFECT for the cold months ahead especially. Give the gift of comfort with any of these. Click on any image above to shop the exact item. I also linked these items in different colors/variations along with some similar products below. 

Insanely Cozy Pullovers/Zip Ups

Softest "Flannel" PJ Sets

The Cuddliest Throws

The BEST Winter Candles & Diffusers

Cute Pom Beanies

Fringe Scarf

The Perfect Hot Chocolate Mugs

Luxurious Bath Products

For Binge Watching Shows & Movies

Fuzzy Slippers & Socks

The Kind Of Sweaters You Want To Live In

Gift Guide For The Every Guy

I LOVE shopping for men! I know that its not the norm and that men are actually difficult for women to shop for (they're a different species after all), but I have always loved shopping for guys. I love "styling" my husband but more so than that, I love introducing him to a new product that totally changes the game and getting all of the credit for the discovery (whoops, can't help it)! I thought that for this gift guide, I would round up all of my "slam dunks" over the past few years that any and every guy would like. These are all tried and true and male approved! You can click on an icon in the photo above to shop it. I also linked different versions of it and/or other retailers that sell it. 

Game Changing Underwear!

I know that it seems lame to get underwear and pajama pants for gifts but these are far from lame! They are SO SOFT! They are nice and thin and breathable and they feel like butter. Jay refuses to wear any others now. They have a really flat and silky waistband that makes it feel seamless. Apparently, it feels like you're not wearing any underwear but still have all of the support that you need. I was out of PJ shorts recently and wore a pair of his underwear and wowwwwww. Honestly, it was kind of a mistake because now I only want to wear that but I'm trying to keep one semblance of pretending like I care about what I look like in my "loungewear." I can now confidently say that they are worth the money and more. 

The SOFTEST PJ Pants Of All Time

These PJ pants are made of the same material and have the same waistband as the briefs above.

NFL Beer Mug

If the man that you're shopping for likes football and beer, he will love this gift! It's a classy way to incorporate sports memorabilia into your home too. The etching is really nicely done and the mugs are such great quality. The monogramming is also a really nice touch. I got this for Jay years ago and took it too far and wrote "King Jay" for the he needed any more of an ego boost!!! Jay keeps this in the freezer a lot for a perfectly chilled beer.  

A Classy Monogrammed Watch Box 

It's such an awesome gift for a man that he really wouldn't buy himself. The quality of this box is so nice! The monogrammed touch really helps too. It's perfect to put on his dresser or on a shelf in his closet. It's nice to display your watches and have a "home" for them so that they are taken care of.

Leather Gloves-Such A Classic

Like I said...such a classic. Really can't go wrong.

The Most Luxurious Shaving Products

These products really elevate the whole shaving experience to feel like you're at a spa. Most importantly though, they are gentle on your skin and actually nourish it instead of harming it. Bonus that each guy feels like Don Draper using it. I love the blue scent the most, personally!

Google Home Is a Game Changer For His Home

It will become the guy's new bestie! What doesn't it do is the question?! 

This Water Bottle Keeps Things Cold For Years

I can confidently say that everyone needs a S'well water bottle whether you're a man, woman or child!

The Classiest Sneakers

Jay gets SO many compliments on his brown leather sneakers. They are so versatile because they are a dressed up casual shoe so they work for a lot of occasions. 

The "Non Stuffy" Tie Clip

The brushed metal gives them an edgier feel without veering away from the classic look. 

Knack Gift Program

Is it just me or are traditional "gift baskets" ridiculously outdated?! Does anyone actually eat the apple in the baskets or remember to bake with the mix from them?! I get it though, it's hard (and time consuming) to think of cute combinations of gifts for people though. Enter Knack....

Knack is a modern gift service that creates custom baskets or helps you purchase curated gift baskets with unique items. It has that artisan, small shop feel but online! They even have an online concierge who can help match you with the best gift box. I think that their boxes are PERFECT for housewarming gifts, host/hostess gifts, gifts for work get the point. 

I already buy so many of these brands and have bought so many of these exact products as gifts before. In fact, I usually stock up on this cement candle because its my 'go to' hostess gift along with a set of cute matches. So, I trust that they are buying quality products to put in their boxes since I have used and loved so many of them. 

They break gift boxes down by gender, occasion (get well, baby...), and hobbies. I think their website is so user friendly, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for (without going in knowing exactly what that even is)! My box is the Just Breathe knack!

Knack is currently running a promotion to help Hurricane Harvey survivors, which I love! For each of these boxes, they will send the same box to an organization that is supporting people impacted by the Hurricane. If you purchase a Moment of Play Knack, they will send one of these boxes to children in shelters. If you buy a knack under the 'toiletries' category, they will also be sending those boxes to victims of the hurricane. All of the proceeds from these sales will be used to purchase more boxes for those affected. 

This post is sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own!



Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away and we should all do what our mama's taught us and be prepared. My mom is the most SELFLESS human being I have ever met. She is so thoughtful and is always getting little presents for us "kids" so the pressure is on when it comes to getting her any gifts. We all know that a card with the scriptures from your heart is the closest that we can come to expressing anything close to the gratitude that they deserve but still, presents are always fun! Whether you're buying for your own mom, your wife, or just a mom that you adore, I've got you covered with this gift guide. Here are some pretty things for pretty mamas with pretty hearts...

Valentine's Gifts For Your Honey

Our guys deserve a little extra love on Valentine's Day too. These small gifts aren't themed for Valentine's Day because not enough guys want to be decked out in hearts. They are amazing gifts nonetheless! My fiance has called some of these items "life changing." He even claims that the underwear is made by angels. Soo, saying that your guy will love these gifts is a vast understatement! 

Valentine's Gifts For Your Her

Gents (and ladies!), are you looking for a gift for your gal? Valentine's Day is going to creep up, so make sure that you make that dinner reservation or you'll never be able to get in to a restaurant. It's crazy how early you need to make those reservations only for them to sit you one inch away from another couple! Having a little gift won't ever hurt your case. I don't think that it is a holiday that you need to go over the top for at all but a little something is always nice. Check out these festive and fun gift ideas for your sweetheart.

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