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Gift Guide-For Your Dad/FIL

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Today’s gift guide is for your dad and father in law. For the record though, my 29 year old husband owns and loves a bunch of these items so I think that they are applicable for men in general. I included a few of my dad’s favorite things in this guide. If you’re dropping a hint for someone in your life, please send them the direct URL for this post or copy and paste one of the words next to the number below.

  1. Sneakers: My dad was sending us texts in our group chat multiple times about how fan-fu*****-tastic these sneakers are right before his passing. We even buried him in them because he was so passionate and excited about them. My husband has them and says that they are not designed for exercise but are good for everyday wear. They are really breathable so your foot doesn’t get sweaty.

  2. Pillow: This is such a great pillow. Its really the pillow for everyone because it has an inner layer that you can remove if you want it to be thinner. It was designed with a lot of special technology to make it conform to your head and neck in the best way.

  3. Speaker: This device is so awesome! We have one and love it. I really like how this one has the brass/brown details at the bottom. I think that it gives it a cool and masculine edge. In addition to using it for music, its great for setting timers, asking about the weather, asking facts, setting reminders, and so much more.

  4. Steam Grill Cleaner: This gift is awesome for the grill master. It is a grill cleaning brush that involves steam to get it extra clean! I couldn’t have a dad gift guide without a grill item!

  5. Cooler: This cooler bag is the best there is. It’s perfect for bringing some beer to the beach or a tailgate. It can also be used to transport food I guess haha.

  6. DNA Kit: 23 & Me is such an awesome gift for a parent. It’s so interesting to find out all of the results. We got it for my dad last year for Chanukah and found out some really interesting facts about his, and therefore my, heritage. It’s fun for them to get and share the results with everyone as well. It’s all so easy to do. Plus, if you’re giving it to a birth parent, then you will also learn things about your own DNA.

  7. Cologne: This is the greatest cologne. Its actually unisex and designed with special science to smell good on and adapt to everyone. It’s worth the price tag.

  8. PJ Pants: These are the softest and most incredible feeling PJ pants in the world. Both my dad and husband have had and loved them for years. They are thin and lightweight so they aren’t like other pajama pants that people who get hot while they sleep hate. They feel like butter!

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Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away so it's time to prepare and get the gifts ready! I know that there is no object that I can buy that can repay my mom for all that she has done and continues to do for me but the gesture is always appreciated. She's the first person to give everything and ask for nothing and holidays like this are the perfect times to get her something nice. I also always value a good hand written note in a card, so I linked some of my favorites at the bottom of this post as well. I separated out the items into 2 sections: items under $100 and items over $100. 

In celebration of Mother's Day, here are 3 of my (many) favorite things about my mom...

She is infinitely selfless. If I compliment her on a necklace she will literally take it off and hand it to me. She puts all of us before herself without even blinking an eye. I say that she is selfless to a fault but it's such an admirable quality.

She is the definition of maternal warmth. She just has a kind heart and loads of affection. She always makes me feel safe, supported and loved. Every stranger in the grocery store line ends up telling her their life story because she just radiates loving energy. 

She is a 'forever student,' who is constantly growing and learning new things. She follows her heart and is a jack of many trades. In fact, she was a Social Worker for years, an interior designer and is now a talented photographer and the woman behind most of the images that I'm in. Check out some of her work here

Gifts Under $100

Gifts over $100


Knack Gift Program

Is it just me or are traditional "gift baskets" ridiculously outdated?! Does anyone actually eat the apple in the baskets or remember to bake with the mix from them?! I get it though, it's hard (and time consuming) to think of cute combinations of gifts for people though. Enter Knack....

Knack is a modern gift service that creates custom baskets or helps you purchase curated gift baskets with unique items. It has that artisan, small shop feel but online! They even have an online concierge who can help match you with the best gift box. I think that their boxes are PERFECT for housewarming gifts, host/hostess gifts, gifts for work get the point. 

I already buy so many of these brands and have bought so many of these exact products as gifts before. In fact, I usually stock up on this cement candle because its my 'go to' hostess gift along with a set of cute matches. So, I trust that they are buying quality products to put in their boxes since I have used and loved so many of them. 

They break gift boxes down by gender, occasion (get well, baby...), and hobbies. I think their website is so user friendly, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for (without going in knowing exactly what that even is)! My box is the Just Breathe knack!

Knack is currently running a promotion to help Hurricane Harvey survivors, which I love! For each of these boxes, they will send the same box to an organization that is supporting people impacted by the Hurricane. If you purchase a Moment of Play Knack, they will send one of these boxes to children in shelters. If you buy a knack under the 'toiletries' category, they will also be sending those boxes to victims of the hurricane. All of the proceeds from these sales will be used to purchase more boxes for those affected. 

This post is sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own!



Valentine's Gifts For Your Honey

Our guys deserve a little extra love on Valentine's Day too. These small gifts aren't themed for Valentine's Day because not enough guys want to be decked out in hearts. They are amazing gifts nonetheless! My fiance has called some of these items "life changing." He even claims that the underwear is made by angels. Soo, saying that your guy will love these gifts is a vast understatement!