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Forever 21 Summer Finds

I seriously hate Forever 21's name so much that it deters me from shopping there haha. Well, that and having to shift through 10000 crappy pieces to find a good one. Luckily for you guys, I did all of the digging already and am only presenting the gold. A couple of these dresses I've had since last summer and I wash them all the time (because I wear them so frequently) and they've held up fine (I hang dry them). It's great to have some inexpensive options for summer to add to your wardrobe. I even found a dupe 'save' version of the free people, which maxi dress that I wore in Malibu! There are only 6 items here because I only wanted to show you guys winners!

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Currently Crushing-February

All of the new arrivals have me wishing for sunnier days and dreaming up outfits for once the temperatures climb. Do you feel me? I have so many pieces that I'm currently crushing on so I thought I'd share them with you guys! Just click on an image to shop it. 

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Valentine's Outfits

Whether you need a dress for a fancy date, a cute jumpsuit for a Galentine's party, a sweater for a cozy night in, or looking for a festive shirt to wear to work for Valentine's Day, I've got you covered. I think that Valentine's Day as far as being some crazy romantic holiday is a bit of a scam. That being said, I love being festive for a holiday and Valentine's Day is included in that!

I also will never turn down a date night with my guy so I'm all about going out. In the past we've done dinner the night before or a brunch in order to avoid overpriced prefix menus at restaurants. I've been craving the Cacio E Pepe from Lupa ever since I went a year ago. I feel like I've been chasing the high because I just keep ordering it places and it just hasn't measured up. I called them and they said that they weren't doing a prefix menu so I snagged a reservation and I'm pumped. Hopefully it won't be freezing because I plan on wearing the velvet mini dress featured below. Just click on an image below to shop it!

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Holiday Party Outfits

Are you guys going to any holiday parties this year? My husband's company, Casper, is having a holiday party in Brooklyn and it's Black Tie optional! I'm excited to get all dressed up and celebrate this festive season. I think that these outfits would be awesome for any holiday party.. after all, a party this time of year is a fun excuse to get all dressed up! These pieces would also be perfect for any winter weddings. As always, click on an image below to shop it.

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Blush Mini

I think that the first rule of wearing a mini dress is to wear very high heels that will make your legs look long (even when they are short stubs like mine). These were as high as I could go (and I'm only equipped to go directly to my seat at the dinner table in these haha) but I am grateful that these low block heels are in this season. The loose boning in this dress makes it hug to your body in a way that helps you out a little bit but isn't so tight that it's uncomfortable. I'm wearing an XS and while it fits snugly around my chest, I think that it fits pretty true to size. It also comes in white but I thought that the white color looked a little bit cheap in this lace. I mean it is cheap becacuse it's less than $20 butttttt we obviously don't want it to look it! 

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Honeymoon Attire

I LOVE white clothes so the second I've got even a hint of a tan, I am decked out in them. After I posted pictures from my vacation to St. Lucia where Jay proposed, I had so many people ask me if I knew I was getting engaged because I wore so much white on the trip. It hadn't even occurred to me because I just think that the perfect things to wear on a tropical vacation are white bathing suits and sundresses. I also just love how feminine and chic white clothing is...especially white lace! Well...those people were right in that it is also the perfect bridal wear. Whether you are headed to explore the streets of a city or lounge on the beach, I've got you covered. I know that the honeymoon costs are high enough already without buying a super expensive honeymoon wardrobe so I included lots of affordable pieces in this list. You've got enough wedding planning tasks on your plate...let me help you shop for the perfect honeymoon wardrobe!

   Honeymoon Attire

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Spring Party Dresses

Spring is finally here! How sick are you of your winter clothes? If I never see another black sweater in my life I'd be fine with it. Bring on the cheerful dresses! With the nice weather comes lots of parties. I don't know about you guys but between all of the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and holidays coming up, I need some new dresses. Well "need" is a strong word but sometimes dramatics are necessary. That and these dresses are just that...NECESSARY! My niece judges a dress based on how well you can twirl in it and I think that a lot of these would pass the test. I took this dress for a test drive and it didn't disappoint. I loved the floral look and sheer fabric so much that I ordered a couple more of these below. Get your dresses ready's time to party! 

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Resort Wear Accessories

Are you going on a vacation somewhere warm? I am bleeding jealousy if you are! "Spring Break" time is right around the corner so you will be packing up your suitcase(s) before you know it. You deserve some chic accessories to pack in your bags. Look no further for the perfect resort wear accessories! They're fun, vibrant and the perfect pieces to take whatever beach town you are visiting...

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A Monochromatic Look

I am a big fan of all things CLEAN--clean style, clean house, clean scents, clean sheets (my favorite of all), clean body, and SEMI-clean eating. Even the perfume that I wear is called "Clean!"  Most notably, my eye is drawn to clean aesthetics. I have a simple style but that style has a little twist. I wouldn't say that my style is overly minimalistic because I also like to have some fun and push boundaries here and there. Needless to say, the monochromatic look is perfect for my aesthetic. It is visually clean and neat but adds some edge to an outfit. Try out my look above with these linked products or shop some of the other monochromatic looks that I put together below!