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Spring Break Ready-Accessories!

Following yesterday's post with all of the clothes that you need for a warm weather getaway, today's post brings all of the accessories that you need to pair with those outfits! Whether it's a cute hat to wear on the beach, a pair of shoes to wear with your new romper, a set of flip flops to toss on for the pool or a new beach bag to throw over your shoulder, or a fresh pair of shades...I've got you covered! I want! Seriously, how dreamy?! Now if only I could be transported to a beach wearing all of them STAT!





Spring Break Ready-Clothes!
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March is my least favorite month of the year because it seems like spring is arriving but really it isn't just yet. I'm also so over winter by now. It also makes it my favorite month of the year to get away somewhere warm and head on a vacation! This year Jay and I decided to save our money for an anniversary trip instead (more on that soon!) so we aren't heading anywhere warm. I've been dreaming of it though and looking at all of the resort wear! I also thought that I would have your back in case YOU are heading on a "spring break" trip. Remember the wet t-shirt contests on spring break? Oh, how times have changed! I never participated but it was definitely one of the most entertaining things I ever watched in my life haha. 

Shopping for a warm weather vacation is my absolute FAVORITE thing of all time to shop for! Today's post includes resort wear clothing and tomorrow's will include resort wear accessories. I figured that it'd be better to break it down into two posts since there's so many great pieces! As always, hover over an image to see the price and click on it to shop it! 


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