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Spring Shoes 2019

Spring is an exciting but also tricky season to dress for. I think that shoes are a big part of that. I love getting shoes that will be transitional and I can wear in the summer as well. I want things that will look good with jeans, dresses and shorts. I’m also always looking for cute sneakers that are comfortable but elevate an outfit instead of bringing it down. Spring is the time when I wear the most slip on sneakers of all! I rounded up all of my favorite spring shoes for the season in this post and I legit want every single pair. They are all well under $200. Just click on an image below to shop!

Spring Break Ready-Accessories!

Following yesterday's post with all of the clothes that you need for a warm weather getaway, today's post brings all of the accessories that you need to pair with those outfits! Whether it's a cute hat to wear on the beach, a pair of shoes to wear with your new romper, a set of flip flops to toss on for the pool or a new beach bag to throw over your shoulder, or a fresh pair of shades...I've got you covered! I want! Seriously, how dreamy?! Now if only I could be transported to a beach wearing all of them STAT!