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Hot Chocolate Bar

What is the coziest thing that you can think of during these cold winter months? Hot chocolate better be on that list! There's nothing like a hot mug filled with a dessert drink to keep you warm. I took my love for hot chocolate to the next level with a boozy hot chocolate bar! It's such a great party idea. People really appreciate little touches that go into parties. They are part of what make the gatherings memorable. Best of all, this party idea is so easy to execute. I used dishes and cups that I already had to serve the toppings. I used this banner to write "Hot Chocolate Bar." This has been one of my greatest "hostess" purchases ever. The pack comes with all of the letters so that you can make personalized banners for all occasions. I've used it mainly for people's birthdays. I bought a second pack so that I would have enough letters to write out this three tiered banner!

I made homemade hot chocolate with the recipe below. I put it in a crockpot, which was a genius move. It stayed hot the whole time so people could go over to get a cup whenever they wanted to. It was also nice that I didn't have to do anything for it during the party and I could just have fun. I made it a spiked hot chocolate bar by including bottles of peppermint schnaps and bailey's irish cream for people to add to their cups. If you don't mix it directly into the hot chocolate, people have control over how much alcohol they put into it and what kind of alcohol they use. Its also good to not mix it into the hot chocolate directly if you have kids at your get together. Then, the kids can enjoy the bar as well! 

Some toppings that I included are:

  • Marshmallows (duh)
  • Heath bits 
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Candy canes (you can substitute with crushed peppermint candy as well)
  • Mini white chocolate chips
  • Mini semi sweet chocolate chips
  • Maple sugar powder
  • Pirouettes (the perfect stirrers)
  • Whipped cream

Hot Chocolate Recipe:


4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate (chopped into small pieces)

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 can (14oz) of sweetened condensed milk

8 cups of milk (I used 2 percent)


Combine the condensed milk and chocolate in your slow cooker.

Cook on high for a half hour. Stir the mixture every ten minutes during this time.

Add the milk and vanilla while continuously stirring it with a wire whisk.

Cook for an additional 2 hours on high. Then, lower it to warm.

Use a ladle to serve.

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Apple Cider Moscow Mules

A cocktail (or 10) can definitely help all of the political + other uncomfortable conversations at the Thanksgiving dinner table! This apple cider Moscow Mule is delicious and ridiculously simple! I feel like a Moscow Mule mug makes everything look fancy and impressive. Just watch out because these are crazy delicious and hardly taste like alcohol! 

Ingredients (Yields 1 cocktail):

2 ounces vodka

2 ounces apple cider

Juice of 1 lime wedge

1/2 cup ginger beer

A tiny sprinkle of cinnamon

Optional: Apple slice and cinnamon stick for garnish


Combine the vodka, apple cider, lime juice and ginger beer. Sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon on top. Garnish with an apple slice and/or a cinnamon stick if you'd like!

Snowy Cocktail

Finding a wintery cocktail that you actually want to drink is harder than you would think. It is easy to find a hot beverage recipe but let’s be real, how many hot toddies can you drink?! Most of the things that we mix alcohol with taste like summer. As much as I am pining to be on a beach, I think that I need to face the cold hard fact that it is the dead of winter. Luckily, I know the perfect trick for making any cocktail look wintery. I love adding this garnish to champagne because people think that it is so fancy and impressive but really it is so easy!

Let’s make some snowy rosemary for your next drink...

  1. Lay parchment paper down on your counter

  2. Pour a pile of raw cane sugar onto the parchment paper (you can also use granulated sugar)

  3. Run your rosemary sprigs under the faucet to get them wet

  4. Lay the rosemary sprigs on some paper towels to let them dry off a bit (we want them to be pretty damp but not soaking wet or the sugar will get clumpy)

  5. Roll the rosemary in the sugar

  6. Lay the rosemary on the parchment paper to let it dry (you can leave it like this for up to 24 hours if you want to)

  7. Place the rosemary sprig into your glass and enjoy the glistening effect of this magical season without actually stepping outside and into the cold

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